Presidents report September 2020

Finally..... we had conditions good enough to hold the September club round. It wasn’t much to write home about but the winds stayed light, and the 1-2 foot wind swell stayed consistent through the morning.

As usual, there was a lot of friendly banter between members and some very competitive surfing. A few standouts that I noticed were Alan Gill ripping the bag in his final heat, Vic pulling out some stylish surfing and newby Phil Pauly nipping at Jason’s heals in the first round.

A big thankyou to Jason Blewitt for leaving early and not surfing the final. It gave a few of us a crack at the title. It happened to be my lucky day as I narrowly won my first ever club round in 15 years. Can’t be more stoked 🤙🤙🤙

Huge thanks to the crew who helped out. Dave and George on the tongs and Danny on the lense. See you all next Sunday for the October comp. I’ll be wearing my yellow leaders jersey😎



1st - Pete

2nd - Carbs

3rd - Nik

4th - Scott

5th - Jason ‘the legend for leaving’ Blewitt

2nds - Phil Pauly

3rds - Gaz

4ths - Al

5ths - Johnny Holmes Hansen

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