Presidents Report October 2019

After 5 called off club rounds in a row, we finally had suitable conditions to hold a competition. 35 Members were chomping at the bit to get out in the water and show the judges what they were made of.

The crew met at 3rd ave and quickly made the call to surf Riviera street Miami.

It was 2-3 foot from the south East and a light southerly breeze. Brett started off strong in the first heat with some tricky footwork while Wendy got a solid second from a radical re entry. Ultimately, Clint guest stole the day with his bag of tricks and his pink board. Somehow pulling off nose rides in the pounding shore break.

Thanks to everyone that helped out on the day and to lost palms for the tinnies. See you all in November.🤙🤙🤙


1st - Clint

2nd - Chalky

3rd - Brett

4th - Danny

5th - Pete

6th - Nik

Seconds - Jay

Thirds - Troy

Fourths - Ryan

Fifths - Ryan L

Sixths - Lucy

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