Presidents Report May 2019

Third ave turned it on again for the Burleigh Longboarders today. A solid 2 foot set wave with semi clean conditions.

No Ted today so everyone chipped in to tally up results. No Darryl either, so that means no bickies for wicky 😢

Good to see the Neilson clan come down for a visit today, prince Charles came up the coast, my daughter Lola came for a hang and I even spotted an old treasurer of the club chatting to some members.

Big props to the clubs new barrel master Dane Chalk who scored a 3 second barrel.

Word on the street was our club photographer Danny Obrien was putting sunscreen on at the time and missed the shot.😕

Another great day down at the beach today. Thanks to the chefs, photographer, judges, and all who helped out. Remember to bring your $$$ and raffle tickets to the next round to support Clint on his run to a world championship. Yewww, pete🤙


1. Brett Ashley

2. Michael Neilson

3. Erin Nicholls

4. Dane Chalk

5. Rich Babovic

6. Danny O’Brien

2nds Clint Guest

3rds Jay Devine

4ths Troy Lister

5ths Vic

6ths Mark Deny

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