Presidents Report January 2020

Family and friends welcomed the start of a new year and new decade for BLC on Sunday. Last years committee stepped down from their positions and new members were elected.

Thank you to all volunteers who put their hand up to help run our amazing club this year.

The rain cleared and competition started in a messy 3-4 foot swell. Guys and girls, young and old were struggling to get out the back as 15 wave sets were rolling through. New contest director Phil smith was more tired by the walk back from 2nd avenue then he was from the paddle out.

Head judge Trevor Brady made the call to only hold the one round as conditions did not suit competitive long boarding.

We agreed the day was lost, so we Headed down to Lost Palms brewery for beers, burgers and laughs. That’s the true essence of our club and why we are so successful. It’s not all about the surfing or trophies.

It’s about hanging out with ya mates.🤙

Here’s to a fun year ahead 🍺🍺🍺🍺

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