Presidents report August 2020

Another cracking winters day on Burleigh beach. A solid crew of 30 showed up for social surfing and social distancing. With the ever changing rules on running club comps we were lucky to hold the August round. Huey greeted us with super clean 2 foot waves and warm water. Young Matt Delahunty made an appearance and was showing the older guys how to style it up. New guy Phil took notes and responded with some progressive moves of his own. Tony white was seen ripping on some sketchy shore dumps and Dave babs had enough sun so decided to tuck into some shady tubes. Thanks to the chefs for lunch and bringing back the onions.🤤

Black Hops brewery came on board as our new beer sponsor this week so all winners received a can of “Send It” session ale. Cheers to the boys at BH for hooking us up and we’re looking to do big things in the future. Hopefully see you all again in 4 weeks time and we’ll keep you posted with covid updates. Yeeeew🤙



1st - Jason

2nd - Dave

3rd - Brett

4th - Nik

5th - Scott

6th - Troy

2nds - Matt

3rds - Tony

4ths - Rich

5ths - Brad

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