Presidents Report - April 2019

Good vibes @ Burleigh for the April club round. The sun was out, surf was cooking and 42 competitors showed up.

The banks are definitely on the improve and should be rip-able by Anzac Day.

Not that our contest director ‘chalky’ would know! He was a no show, as he decided to get tanked at his mates bucks night instead.

Another no show by an elected member was Dave guest. He wouldn’t get away with it if he wasn’t so damn handsome. Mobbsy jumped in to take his place on the bbq to help out poor rich. Good to see the ‘wounded gull’ Shane Holborn come up to the motherland to hang out with his mates too. Members got new hoodies, raffle tickets were handed out to support Clint’s run to the world titles and Johnny Hanson even paddled out for a surf.😳

Some stand out performances today.

Mark Denning taking out the 5ths 2 months in a row, Erin Nichols was on fire on the creative army, Dave babs ripping in the final and missing the win by one point and fish was shredding even with a blinding hangover (take note chalky, harden up princess)

See you all at bunnings next Sunday and then again Anzac Day. Be sure not to miss it! Results below. Yeeeeeww🤙

6ths - Dennis Carberry

5ths - Mark Denning

4ths - Ron Timothy

3rds - Lloyd Van

2nds - Jay Devine

1sts final

7th - Ryan Baum

6th - Fish

5th - Me 🤙

4th - Gary Ralph

3rd - Danny O’Brien

2nd - Dave Babovic

1st - 2019 world champ Clinton Guest

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