Presidents Report - March 2019

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

What another magic day we had for the March club round. Due to the nippers state titles being held @ Burleigh we moved the venue to Miami Beach. We were welcomed with an endless supply of free car parks, offshore winds and a couple of feet of swell to play around on. It was also great to meet new members, and catch up with some old faces. First heats went smoothly with chalky trying out his new stick, Scotty Mac ripping the bag, and babs getting pipped by the new guy. A big thanks to Danny for braving the baking sun and taking the photos (although he missed my hang 10). Round two had John Nolan and Jeff Reedman share a wave together ( and a shower afterwards), Wendy Stevenson throw buckets over me in our heat and mark denning taking out a first in his final. As usual, lost palms supplied us with some frostys and the tong talents of rich and steve kept us from getting too drunk. Great times with great mates, see u all on the first Sunday in April. Yeeeeew🤙

Results Final 1st - Matt 2nd - Brett 3rd - Jay 4th- Nev 5th - Ryan 6th - Danny

2nds- Dave Bab 3rds - Pete 4ths - Carbs 5ths - Fish 6th - Mark

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